Attraction Charm Bags


This works best when searching for love or friendship, but it can be adjusted for good luck or money. The point of the charm bag is to carry it with you so it will bring what you’re looking for to you passively and naturally, as opposed to a spell that may actively bring it and risk imposing your will over anothers.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Some sort of small bag or pouch, a small plastic baggie will work fine too.
A slip of paper and something to write on it with.
Optional: A stone or crystal.
Optional: A colored string or ribbon.

Casting Instructions for ‘Attraction Charm Bags’

Start by writing what you’re looking for on the slip of paper in the form of an ”I” statement and why you want the particular thing to come to you. This can be done in a poem if you’d like and you can also ask for the blessing of a God/dess or spirit if you feel the need. If you’re looking for love or friendship DO NOT write specific names of people as it will affect the bag negatively and likely cause it to not work at all.

Fold the paper and put it inside of the bag along with the catnip. The catnip is there as the main power to attract whatever it is you wish to you. Like a cat is drawn to catnip, so too your desire will be pulled to you.

If you choose to add a crystal, do it at the same time you add the paper and catnip before you close the bag.

For Love/Friendship – Rose Quartz
For Money/Luck – Tiger’s Eye
For Healing – Bloodstone or Dragon Stone
For Protection/Emotions – Amethyst

If you don’t have any of the above, clear quartz is always a pure energy amplifier that will do the same as any of them. If you want to charge or purify the stone, do it before hand using any method of your choice. (Full moon, energy ball, running water etc.)

When you are done, tie the bag with a colored string to correlate with your wish, or simply seal it if you are done.

For Love/Friendship – Pink, Yellow, or Orange ribbon
For Money/Luck – Green ribbon
For Healing – Red or White ribbon
For Protection/Emotions – Black or Purple ribbon

When you are finished, carry the bag with you or put it somewhere you go often. If you ever wish to undo the charm, unwrap the bag, burn the paper, throw away the catnip (Or give it to your feline friends!), and cleanse your crystal for future uses.

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