Artistic Money


This spell is mainly for those who enjoy drawing or any other form of art. It will get you anything your heart desire because of the strong intentions and focus that is being drawn out.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Coloring utensils
Clear quartz crystals
Black tourmaline crystal
Fools gold
Oils of choice
Sharp tool

Casting Instructions for ‘Artistic Money’

Decide what you want to happen then draw it out ( this might take a few days or minutes)Light incense if wanted. If you are using the moon, use this spell for the right time. Cast a circle or square of a strong powerful white light almost a diamond shield around your space. Image it coming from the Earth and surround your space.

Take a few deep breathes and then call upon the spirits and guardians of Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Take time to feel their presence. Call upon any deity that you feel comfortable with ( this Includes Jesus or Buddha etc) Once that is done, color in your art work

Then once it is colored, look at it and charge it again with more energy ( you do that just by looking at your creation and sending it more energy, when you are coloring it in you sent it energy of it becoming a reality for you)

Now grab your cleansed candle with your power hand. Charge this candle with your desire and TELL it that it will do for you as you wish through no harm of others. Roll it in cinnamon and basil, if this is for banishing roll it away from you, for growth roll towards you. Read your words of power.

Carve what you want on it then dress it with oil ( doesnt matter if you go from the bottom up or vice versa, do what feels comfortable) Now grab your drawing, lay it out on your alter or where ever, grab the crystals and form a triangle around your art work, size doesnt matter. Then place your candle on top of this art work in the middle of the triangle

Say your words of power and light the candle. Make sure to say before you close your spell as I will it, may it harm none, so mote it be Thank the spirits and guardians of the elements and other deities Now when the candle burns out you could either keep the picture if it is for something positive you want in your life and place it somewhere you will see it everyday

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