Attraction Charm


Get whoever you want in a flash!

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 tbs of Sugar
1 tbs of Salt
1 Small pouch
1 Small Quartz (other stones,gems,etc work but Quartz will be more effective)
1 match (preferred small)
1-2 Sticky notes
1 Red or black pen
1 Strand of your hair
1 ring or necklace, possibly a bracelet.
Perfume (your choice, your favorite scent is Ideal for this spell)

Casting Directions for ‘Attraction Charm’

Take the cup and fill with water. Empty in 1 tbs of sugar, mix and let it sit 1 minute. Add 1 tbs of salt and mix well. Spray in mix and some cologne. Put the quatrz in your palm and release all of your good vibes and passion into the quatrz, once done wrap the 1 strand of hair a found it and drop it in the cup along with the ring (or whatever youre using) let them sit 2 minutes. (This will allow passion and good vibes to roll in the ring,necklace,etc.) Take the ring and quartz out, DONT DRY THEM!!! Rub the quartz in circles around your hheart. (Breasts) once done, put the accesorie on while holding the quartz in the exact same hand. Then Chant 2x Goddess of enthusiasm, and beauty, love, let my fans come to me, its will, so mote it be Take the ring and quartz and put them. Put of sugar and salt in it, then put the strand of hair in . Let it sit near you. Take the sticky note(s) and write down all of the names of the boys you like with black or red ink pens.Take the sticky notes and put them in the cup with water for 5 secs, quickly roll the notes and put them into the pouch, spray perfume all around the pouch and place it somewhere quiet. The next morning wash the ring and walnut in sugar and salt mixture, do so for 1 week and wear the ring to college (or wherever) with you, repeat for 1 week, after 1 week repeat all the steps at the end of each week.

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