Attention Spell


This is not a spell to gain needless attention like for love but attention that is deserved and needed, such as at work or if a car breaks down.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Orange Candle
piece of hematite or hematite jewelry

Casting Instructions for ‘Attention Spell’

Set up your altar as you see fit. Then invoke the gods of your pantheon. Never invoke a divinity not of your faith or one you know nothing about.

Start with giving to your gods first prayers. Follow by giving your offerings.

Now start the spell by lighting the candle and stare at the flame for a minute or two. Watch it dance. Hold your hands on each side of the candles and chant 3 times:

”I am the sun I am the key
All attention be focused on me.
See what I do and hear what I say.
Let all head turn and face my way.
I am the center, I am light
I am this flame, dancing so bright.
I sparkle interest, wherever I go
Let all look at me, be it sunny or snow.”

Into the candle send orange energy of ”drawing.” That is to say, drawing others attention to you. Continue to do this for as long as you can hold the visualization.

Now place the magnet in front of the candle, cover it with you hand and send into it the power of attraction. and chant 3 times:

”Magnetism is currently all mine
Drawing the attention I deserve.
And those that give me such
Will be the first that I serve.
People attention now drawn to me
And as my will, so mote it be.”

Place the hematite in top of the magnet and chant 3 times:

”Stone of iron, ore from the ground
To draw attention make this spell sound.
As you go with me all day, all night
In work and business, give me your might.
You shall make all pay attention to me
To hear my words and record my deeds
And give me the credit that I’m due
To these tasks I now ask of you.”

Leave the objects by the candle till it snuff’s itself out. Once out, take the hematite and carry it in you pocket or in a power bundle or satchet. Carry it where you are looking for the attention.

Just remember not to abuse this spell. If you do it will not work or the stone may end up disappearing on you.

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