Very Powerful Vampire spell


If you have tried other spells which don’t work, then try this. This is but I am guaranteed it is going to work. If it does not, then I guess try other Vampire Spells.

You will need the following items for this spell:

All the candle colours of the elements(white;religious,green;soil, blue;water,reddish;flame,yellowish; air Very clean needle dip of your bloodstream A small container to put the blood in Red series to cast a circle Full Moon

Casting Directions for ‘Very Powerful Vampire spell’

Either be outside, or be indoors with a window open (Id prefer a window)
Cast the circle with the string. Then set the candles of the components in with the white at the top, and the other candles you can put in any order around the ring.
The reason you need a very clean needle (of course, probably everybody knows this) so you wont get infected. Then poke the needle on your finger (Id rather prefer in your fingers since it doesnt hurt as much, but anywhere else is fine) and put the blood in a little container.
Then chant the following:

I invoke the spirits and wish to say,
Im tired of this boring life, there is nothing new, everything is identical, and there’s nothing to do, so thats why I wish to be a vampire, nothing will ever be exactly the same, drinking blood with extraordinary thirst, rather than be tamed.
After this spell works, everyone will see, nothing will ever be the same, so mote it be.

After all, drink the fall of blood, then say:

Transformation come to me,
Here me now, make my plea,
I wish to be a vampire,
Spirits fullfill my appetite.

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