Elemental Vampire Spell


This charm will turn you into a vampire in addition to having a single component given to you that you will be gifted in.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Full moon A candle(can be any color) Must be somewhere that you can be alone And nothing else

Casting Directions for ‘Elemental Vampire Spell’

You can chant this spell as many times as you want but you must say it once without making a mistake or slurring words.
Here’s the spell:
I need to be a vampire.
That’s what I want to be.
My element is fire(or anything you want it to be) and during the day I’ll drill.
Please grant this wish.

My fangs will be short and indiscreet.
My eyes will be purple(again whatever you want it to be) and I’ll have energy at night.
My skin will be as white as a sheet.
And to those that oppose me I will bring fright.

I am a vampire.
That is me.
I’m someone humans desire.
So mote it be!

I don’t know the side-effects of the spell because I intend to do it on the full moon that’s on my birthday this year to make this more personal for me.
Please email if this spell works or me the side-effects.

In case you’ve got a question or you wanna ask a spell please email me at klyuchduerblythe@gmail.com

Also please check out my profile and please confirm this spell by making it your favorite if you like it.
I will also attempt to make a movie on this spell coming shortly.
Thank you for viewing this charm and blessed be.

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