A spell to help you lose weight

You will need the following items for this spell:

A candle A candle Jasmine incense Olive oil

Casting Instructions for ‘Weightloss’

This spell should be performed during the phase of the moon. Firstly anoint the candles. Begin with the white candle and then the yellow. The candle should be anointed at the end. Begin to coat the oil starting at the bottom and moving downwards all the way in one go. Coat all the candles.

Decide on the number of pounds of weight you wish to shed and divide it by three. Carve the number on each candle. If you wish to lose fifteen pounds, you will need to carve out the number 5 on each of the candles. If it’s an odd number divide the number in this way that each candle has only very slight variant.

Once this is done, set up an altar on a level surface. Light the white candle and put it at the center. To the left of the candle, put the yellow one and to the right of the candle, place the pink one. Cast a circle around the candles and light the incense. Jasmine incense can be used for women and Patchouli incense may be used for men. Then light the candles and meditate upon them. Visualize that you are having the extra weight discharged from your body.
Have another glass cup inserted with a wick. As the white, pink and yellow candles burn, pour the wax out into this cup. In this way you will be able to make a new candle. Burn this new candle everyday until you lose the desired number of pounds.

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