Storm Jar


While destruction is not something you should expect for, working with Chaotic energies is precisely that, chaotic! Use this spell once the conditions are appropriate for a storm and do not use it in the center of a storm!

You will need the following items for this spell:

Close-able jar, i.e mason jar storm water spring water if storm water is inaccessible additional visualization: dish soap or even glitter, something to stand out when you give it a whirl.)

Casting Instructions for ‘Storm Jar’

Pour your water in your jar, again storm water is preferred for added chaotic energies. When youre pouring your water, visualize that youre pulling the rain from the heavy clouds and putting them into the jar.
For extra umph Ive always added a little dish soap to my bottles so that I can see the little twister swirl around and the bubbles have blown around in my water made winds. This is completely optional though!
Go outside when the conditions are right: Higher humidity, not too dry out because you really wont get what you want with dry air. Give the jar a whirl and request a storm. Do you work with Zeus, Thor or another thunder god? Ask them for help bringing a little light and rumble to your rain show. It never hurts. The stronger the shake, the harder rain storm you’ll get. Do this a few times and when you observe the weather altering it means you steered it. Give your jar a rest for a couple of days and sit down to enjoy your storm.
A word of caution: It looks like a little twister and when I was young I made the mistake of playing with my storm jar during a thunderstorm I called. Bad idea. Tornado sirens! Thankfully nothing actually touched down, thats why I use this when a storm is rolling in.

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