Storm Water


This is a ritual to generate storm water.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Glass jar (or other container to the water) with lid Coffee filter or water filter Pot to boil water in *optional

Casting Directions for ‘Storm Water’

This is a ritual to generate storm water. Storm water can have many applications in magic. Due to the fact that lots of folks feel calm and energized during storms, it’s a powerful cleanser and can be used to charge stones, charms, sigils, etc.. It’s also said to be protective. One the other hand, storm water can be used for cursing, especially if your objective is to make someone feel as if they are caught in a storm.


Leave a container to gather water outside during a storm.

As soon as you have the desired amount of water, bring it indoors.

Following this, you should strain your water to get rid of any of the bigger particles. This can be done with a coffee filter.

Put a lid on your jar or container and use as needed.

*Optional* If you are going to consume or drink the water, you’ll have to boil it to make sure it’s safe to ingest.

Tips and Suggestions

– You can place a crystal in the water to charge the water or the crystal.
– you might want to cleanse the water. This may be done in a variety of different ways like smoke cleansing or saying an incantation over it. Use what works best for you.
– You can control storm water in other ways to make it more specific for your needs. For instance, you can control it in moonlight, making full moon storm water.
– Some places have laws against collecting rain water. Know the laws around you and do at your own risk.

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