This spell gives you the abilities to move objects and living things with your mind.

You will need the following items for this spell:

An item or drawing/printout of something you connect with psycho/telekinesis A towel/flannel, in a color that you associate with psycho/telekinesis A candle of any colour Water (in a bowl or cup)

Casting Instructions for ‘Psychokinesis/telekinesis’

Place the towel/flannel in the water, then squeeze most of it out and lie it down on the ground. Set the candle on it (must be lit). Place it under the candle if the object is a drawing/printout. Otherwise, put it in front of the candle.

Pour a little bit of water (such as a few drips, but it’s to put the candle out and go over the item) over the candle and object. Take it out from if it is a printout/drawing. Make sure it doesnt tear. If it is an object, simply hold it.

After holding the item for around 2 minutes, then place it down. Move your hand where you want it to move/go/follow/whatever and imagine it after your hand. Make sure to use the same hand every time; only 1 hand will be able to do the tele/psychokinesis till you train another one.

Practice imagining this for a few days (with the identical item) until it moves. Even if its a tiny bit, if it moves its fine.Now start trying to move it, you dont have to imagine it. Only try moving it less.

Practice. It will most likely take as much as a month to move this object. After you can proceed, try different objects of the same dimensions, then slowly get bigger. In about two months you could start having the ability to move living things, 3 weeks big objects like rocks, 4 potentially automobiles and even humans.

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