Banishing Water/Spray


Sometimes you need to banish those negative energies and bad spirits… this can help.

You will need the following items for this spell:

-2 spoons Salt (for purity)
-2 spoons Sand/Dirt (for ancient power of Earth)
– Sprig White Sage (for purification): –Buy any type of sage, and cleanse it with water and salt with your hand to get rid of some “faiths” lying in it, so your blossom is sage of old, sage of medieval kings, etc.. . Not native america; though whichever you feel more comfortable with functions fine.
– 2/3 cups Sacred Water/Consecrated Water (for purity) – **You can also use warm water. *
-A dabble/bit of Moon Water (for ‘good’ high power)
-Quartz Crystal (for electricity and security) or Black Crystal/Stone (for security)
-1 sprig Thyme (sacred power)
-1 White candle
-Votive Christ candle – if you use this religion and feel comfortable.
-1 Gold candle
-1 silver candle
-2 leaves Basil (courageousness)
-Dragon’s Blood Oil (protection)
-Frankincense incense and dust (high magick and protection)
Mortar Pestle
Spray bottle

Casting Directions for ‘Banishing Water/Spray’

Light your incense and candles…
Together with your mortar and pestle, add the SALT “–for purity”. . .DIRT “–for ancient Earth”.

Insert the SAGE and the THYME and the BASIL. Crush them. Add three drops of a white candle, 1 of the votive. ” –for purity and security”. Add three drops of this gold candle “–from powerful sunlight” 1 of the silver, “–and historical moon”. **Insert incense dust.

Wait for the wax to dry for another, then begin to crush the objects again until done.

Repeat as you crush, “–I make this potion to banish evil and negativity” repeat over and over as you stir until you feel complete.

Now pour into the sacred water and also the spoonful of moon water. ” –from the sacred and the glowing– this potion is cleansing…”

Add a few drops of dragon’s blood oil stating, “–and dragon’s blood for protection”.

Stir the potion now over and over saying, “– from the forces of this ancient and the world, this water is cleansed so mote it be. By the powers of the ancient and the powers of the gods, you are billed for banishment, so mote it be.”

Thank the energies when you are done stirring, and you potion is complete! Bottle it and spray in any dark areas or on yourself, or use a bowl, keep the water in it (make it frequently to keep fresh) and sprinkle with your hands.

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