Love potion


This will make the person with you or also it is dependent upon how strong the love is.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Cream or favorite perfume,rose or other flower that shows shampoo, water, lip gloss, prettiness or some kind of soap

Casting Directions for ‘Love potion’

First take the blossom and crush it up NOT THE STEM, then take your perfume and spray it on the crushed up flower twice now spend the lotion and put a tiny bit on your finger and rub it on the flower now take the soap or shampoo and put a tiny bit in on the blossom next take the water and put it with the flower now mix it Gently and say my love oh my love I want you to be mine so please let it be let it be your mine oh my love mote it be that I will be yours and you shall be mine so mote it be,next stop stirring it and let it sit somewhere nice and cool so around room Temperature let it sit for around five Minutes or so next after you let it sit take the lip gloss and put some on now pour out the water in a bowl next take a number of the flower and shut your eyes and kiss it considering your crush and about your love for him keep kissing the flower intill a couple of seconds or so now take the water and put it in a perfume bottle so that you can use it again one spray of it ought to be good if you want to make it more powerful take the flower and use it as body soap. If this worked for you or have anything or any Questions els then please email me hope this works for you

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