Arrow Love


Judika Illes took from The Encyclopedia of 5000 charms this spell.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Ritual arrow

Casting Directions for ‘Arrow Love’

This is a spell meant to arouse passionate love. It’s adapted from the wonderful scholar of spiritualty and magickadapted it the Atharva Veda, text. Kama, Hindu Lord Of Love, weilds a bow and arrows, just like his european counterparts Eros, Amor, and Cupid. The spirits referred to in Varuna, Mitra and the incantation, are each others compliment, legendary soul mates. Craft a ritual arrow, accompanied by the incantation. The incantation, reminescent of Aretha Franklins song Dr. Feelgood is chanted repeatedly while the arrow is made. Insert this spells name’s target to the chant, as you desire With this-all strong Arrow of Love, I pierce your heart Love, personalize it, love that causes unease, love overcomes you, love for me! This arrow, flying true and straight strikes you for me and me alone My love is its point My decision is its shaft Your heart is pierced! The arrow has struck home your reluctance You love me is overcome by This arrow! Come to me lover! Submissive, without pride since I have no pride But only longing for you Your mom cant stop you from coming to me Your Father cant stop you from coming to me your sister cant stop you from coming to me your brother cant stop you from coming to me your friends cant stop you from coming to me You’re completely in my power! Oh Mitra! Oh Varuna! Strip (title), daughter of (name) of immunity Only I have the power over the heart, Soul and mind of (title), daughter of (title) my beloved. Once the arrow has been crafted, the manufacturer holds gestures with it and it, setting up all of the while, the magickal vibrations. Repeat from step 3 as needed.

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