The Crush Spell


This charm is for all the people out there who just can’t bring themselves to ask out their crush and have a crush.

You may need the following items for this spell:

An alter
A wand (optional)
Two pink candles/tealights
A lighter/matches
A pieceof paper which has been decorated to match your crush (leave a space in the middle for their name)
A pink ribbon
Scented rose petals
A mortar and pestle
A bowl of rainwater
An empty bowl
A watersprayer
A sieve
A pink or red ink pen
Your crush to be symbolised by an item
(it must be small and easy to carry around)

Casting Directions for ‘The Crush Spell’

Set up allowing you to face North. (Make sure there is space to work)
Place, lighter and spare bowl but not causing a trip hazard
Make Sure That You won’t be disturbed or distracted
Cast a circle
To cast the spell:
Light the candles and say “These lights of love draw you in. Now my spell can begin.”
Using the pink or red pen write your crushes full name on the paper and state'(your crushes name) X2 I draw you in. In my love we’ll sing.”
Roll the paper up and secure it.
Using the pestle and mortar crush the rose petals.
Insert the petals and then leave the petalsto soak for a moment.
Sieve the petals out putting the petals into the bowl and pouring the water into the bowl that is .
Put the tip of your wand/index finger into the water and draw a heart on the symbolic item then say “I infuse your soul with love for me (crushes name) X2 come to me.”
Pour the rosewater into the sprayer and spray on a tiny amount.
Say “I seal your soul to mine in hope that love in me you will find.”
Remove and burn the paper. Say “Love in me you’ll find we are joined by soul and mind.
Put the candles out.
Say “I’ll put a stop to this love spell and when I’ve cast it well then soon you will find we’re joinedbyby spirit and mind.”
After the spell:
Open the circle
Carry around the item that is symbolic till you feel them falling for you.
A candle for ten minutes burns

That is the end of the spell

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