This spell brings two people together as soulmates. It does not need to include the caster. Special instructions for relationships that are technical.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Red flower petals
Hair of the lovers
Red thread
Representations of the lovers
Something to write with
Some kind of sachet or bag

Casting Instructions for ‘Soulmates’

The hair may be substituted with a different part of the body. Representations can vary with their titles between dolls, pictures, even abstract hearts. ————————————————— Focus on the person who wants love. Yourself or others. Take a flower petal and take the proper representation. Place the flower petal beneath it. Say:

This loveless’ soul, searching.

Focus on the object of affection. Perform the thing. Drop a petal between them. Concentrate on their energies entwining pulsating into the petals. Link them.


Tie them in the threads of time With magic rite and lilting rhyme Soulmates meant to forever stay And exchange rings on wedding day They shall stay happy together all their lives Not unfaithful husbands nor crying wives (deep, passionate/Light, flirtatious/other) love, forever linked In a happy place where theyll never want think.

Tie the representations. Put the red representations in the sachet and the hair. Write the above verse draw a pentagram on the other side, add to the bag. Add 1 piece of hair from each lover to a water, add a drop of milk and sugar. Add cinnamon and stir. Repeat the verse say,

Three times three I stir with glee, Three times a chicken pecks thankfully, Three pounds of fat in a barrel of beef, Three meals a day for a child to eat, Nine days I cast a spell of love, Nine times flapped a pure-white dove, Nine old cats on the front porch sat, Three times the big one caught a thieving rat, Three dead rats and a hungry kit, Three times three, the candle is lit, Nine times kissed on the first date night, Nine lanterns shine in the night, Three times they kiss, three wishes on a star, And love will be granted in the moons light afar.

Put in a place that is secure. Over the area fall in love, sprinkle it on a full moons day or night. Place the sachet in a safe place. Theyll never be lovers, if the thread breaks before the full moon. For a threesome, use items and modify the verses. To the sachet, add the item to get a fetish. By way of example, to get a couple that is furry add a picture that is furry. Or for a doll shoe is added by a foot fetish. Go wild! This spell isnt powerful.

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