Simple Love


This might or might not work. Not 100% sure. This is a very simple love spell.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Black Sharpie
Something that represents love (Rose, Red/Pink…)
Strong feelings for this person
Pink or red paper
Lipstick or lipgloss
Red or string
Glass cup

Casting Instructions for ‘Simple Love’

First, take your pink OR red paper and write with your black sharpie a symbol of love (Do not use a heart. Spell may not function if you use a heart, thats too clich). Good youll need it if you know your birthday and year. Write his entire name (First, Middle, Last), and Then write his birthday with his zodiac sign and get out another Pink/Red sheet of paper (Oh yes, write his name above the symbol and write the rest on the bottom).

After, Write down your feelings for this individual and be thoughtful! Explain why you like him, (Dont say just because he is sizzling hot). Fold the paper hamburger style Hamburger style and with your black sharpie compose a pentagram. (I dont think it must be perfected). Put on the lip gloss/Lip use red/pink string to bind it, fold into a square, and stick and kiss the pentagram. Keep this in a safe place and do NOT mess it up.

Now take another pink/red series and begin tying it as you state Goddess Aphrodite, Allow me to see, I think he is the one for me. If I cannot see clear, know my heart is pure, my intentions good, help me get my desire. I don’t intend to provoke, I only ask you make (Full name of crush) come to me, So mote it be.

Put water in a skillet and put salt in it and stir. Dip the string in there and then take it out. Wrap it you put it back into your location and folded with string.

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