Love Yourself (Bath of Herbs)


You need to truly love and appreciate yourself. If you want anyone love and to love you, that is where it begins. It doesn’t begin to fill in the missing parts of your self. So love and you wish to adopt yourself. This is a spell taken from a Wiccan Love Spell video on YouTube ( )

You may need the following items for this spell:

1 photograph of yourself as a child (put in your alter)
Water (warm bath)
White handkerchief or a red piece of fabric
Tea bag: e.g. Honey, peach, ginger tea (green tea is also okay)
Pink ribbon or a red ribbon
Journal or a pen and paper
Mortar and pestle or a knife
Candles (red / pink)

Casting Directions for ‘Love Yourself (Bath of Herbs)’

First, place a picture of yourself when you’re a kid in the center of your altar. Then sit in front of it and you remember who that child was, and the things that you loved doing; and your heart opens, and you give all the things the child needed and didn’t get, to that child. Whether it was affirmation, or affection, or expressions of love, or chances to spend more time with your parents; anything that was, you return and you basically relive those important moments, and you – today, as the grown up you – take the roll of the adult, or the person who could offer those things. You can write out it; place it in your journal that is magical.

What you are doing is a symbolic enactment. One of the best ways to perform a love spell for yourself is a bath; because water is the element of love.
So you go to the kitchen cabinet and you pull out a range of ingredients. And you can place them in a piece of cloth, or a white handkerchief. Red.

Grab some cinnamon lavender, which is very relaxing. Add some rosemary and a few peppermint that’s terrific for purification and cleansing. After you put that in, go to your own tea cupboard, and you pull out a tea bag. Open it up, and add it to the mix of herbs.

And what you would like to do is because the artistry of spell casting is very sensual use your nose. You would grind it in a fashion, Using a mortar and pestle, if you wish to grind them together, but you may use the butt end of a knife.

Grind them together; put them back in the fabric; tie it up with a ribbon, or a red ribbon; and run a bath. Dump in the herbs and soak. You can add candles; red and pink will do to represent love.

When you get out of the tub, look yourself in the mirror and tell that kid that you love them.

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