Love Spell to Strengthen a Bond


Would you like to strengthen a bond? Here isLura

You will need the following items for this spell:

What you need:
1 rosequartz
A handful of rose petals
A glassful of rainwater
Vanilla extract
Red/white candle
Your voice
A place that Won’t be disturbed

Casting Directions for ‘Love Spell’

Fill up a glass of the way with rain water roughly 3/4. Place it up in your area and bring it inside, and throw a protective circle around salt being used by it. Then place a rose quartz in the water.
Collect set them to dry out and a handful of rose petals.
Leave this alone for 5-7 days.

NOTE: Create this potion.

After the proper amount of time has lapsed, light a candle in front of the water and chant,

“With this quartz, I do pray,
For true love on this day.”

Next, boil the rose petals in the rainwater and say,

“A rose, so pure and quaint,
With it my love be sure.”

Petals simmer rose, add three spoonfuls of three spoonfuls of sugar, and vanilla extract. You also have to pour into an extra spoonful of rainwater. After mixing these all together

“Bittersweet, love may be,
Rain or shine, remain with me.”

Pick up the quartz and kiss it three times. To activate and protect your spell, place the quartz in a box. Say,

“This charm I bind to thee,
As I will, so mote it be!”

Scoop up your and turn the heat off rose petals, then set them to dry.
When they are completely dry, you may burn them and scatter their ashes over a body of water, or keep them. While scattering if you scatter the ash off and choose to burn, you must recite these words,

“My heart and soul I give by this,
To the water, a floral kiss.”

You and the one this spell will affect must consume 1 teaspoon of this potion. This will only work if you have some sort of friendship bond.

CAUTION: This can’t be undone for a full moon cycle, so be wary.

To preserve the potion place it in a place surrounded by salt and mint. Bottle the potion up in case you have no desire to keep it for future use and wrap it in silk. Then bury it next to the rose bush. This will guarantee that more flowers will bloom.

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