A Love Spell to be Careful With


This charm will grant your wish to be with the one you love, but if you do that right. One slip might make your life miserable and up can screw the entire charm. The spirits will attempt to protect your love 14, if all goes well.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Pencil or pen
2 Strips of paper
Picture of you
Red rose petals
Your blood
Roes oil (or any oil if cant find any)
Person with spiritual powers
A red and pink candle (shaped in hearts works best)

Casting Directions for ‘Love Spell’

Steps For the Love Spell: 1. Right the person and your title you want to be with. 2. Put in a pot with water. 3. Staple your name to their picture to the persons name and your picture. 4. Dab roes oil on the images. 5. Light the pink candle. 6. Hold the other persons picture in your right and the candle in your left hand. 7. Chant:

This pink candle will light my way to your heart, oh my love, (name of person). Now the red candle will show you the colour of my heart for you. I (your name), wish for the spirits to let me have this individual to always hold me in her/his arms and love for all eternity.

Chant to get a person saying it for you:

These candles will light (persons name) to (other persons name). Let their love be strong for each other for always.

But when you then throw the flaming image from the water and get the picture with the candle and put one handful of roes petals to the pot. Before going on keep and place the candle in a candle holder it lit. Light the candle and hold your picture in your left and that in your right hand and burn it when you get to your name in the chant.

8. Set the candle next to your candle that is pink. 9. Finish the chant. 10. Set your blood in the kettle and close your eyes and think of you and the person you want to be with.

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