ADHD potion


Will calm a person of who is suspected to have a ADHD disorder.
But are to young to be given the ordinary medication.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Cooked or demenerised water (bar le duc / spa reine)500 ml
magnesium sulfate
5 tealights (collour is dependent on the focus)
aloevera gel (all natural based)
lemon concentrate (20 ml)
the elements
neutral universal energy

Casting Directions for ‘ADHD potion’

draw a pentagram with salt and put on every tip a tealight.
Then light these counter clock wise as you ask the elements to channel energy.
If your done leave this.
Go to heat the water up. Just water from the water cock has to be boiled. Spring water just need to be heated .
Mean while the water is boiling you take a clean bottle and put about 3 dining spoons of sulfate 20ml lemon juice and about 2 spoons of aloe vera in the bottle en shake it up. When the water is boiled you fill the bottle up and place it in the centre of you pentagram.
First you thank the elements for having to wait. And after that you chant with your palms hold above your jar
let this potion under my hands
bring me back my mental/ physical health
that this most be 5 times repeated. Allow the potion cool down while the tealights burn up.after that thank the components for their help.
pick up the candle cups and clean up the salt.
Throw your potion within a plant spray bottle and place it on Myst.
Today its ready for use.

Spray the spray on to your body as a refreshing spray no longer as 6 times a day in the first weeks after that you can build it down to 2 a 1 time a day just listen to your body it will request it

(this potion is also used for minor health problems as colds or iron insufficiency)
to give it a great smell you can at some ethical essences or oils.

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