A Healing Poppet


Make someone with health problems begin to feel better.

You may need the following items for this spell:

A poppet or doll
Chamomile flowers and vervain
Hair or nail clippings
A photo or picture of the object
A marker pen
A lancing pin
A box

Casting Instructions for ‘A Healing Poppet’

As a general rule for a healing spell to work correctly and before beginning, the object of the spell needs to know and agree to your working it. He or she doesn’t necessarily have to be present while the work is finished. This spell should be performed on a complete moon into its waning cycle.

To create a poppet take a suitable sized piece of fabric (use natural materials and fibers such as cotton, wool or silk and remember also to think about its colour correspondences for healing, see colors). Fold it in 2 and with a pencil mark out a rough image of a body. Now cut out the shape so you have two identical pieces then sew the two pieces together around the edges. Leave a hole wide enough to stuff the poppet with the chamomile blossoms and vervain, also insert the photograph, nail or hair clippings if you’ve got them before sewing it shut. Finally with the black manufacturer pen draw a black circle on the poppet where the ailment is concentrated.

Form a magick circle and call the Goddess and God to aid you spell. Consecrate the poppet and set it on your altar visualizing the goal of the spell and the ailment he’s suffering. Consecrate the snare and charge it. Take up the poppet on your left hand and the pin in your right and pierce the black circle with the pin. Concentrate all your willpower on healing the ailing individual saying or chanting something like:

From the name of the Goddess and God, I lance this disease with the spear of recovery. As the Full Moon wanes, let this ailment drain. No more to be, replaced with vitality and heath. So mote it be!
Leave the pin in the poppet and put the poppet from the box on the altar. Visualize the object of the spell regaining good health while building your power and energy and releasing it towards its goal. When the rite has finished, store the box someplace safe until the man has been restored to good health. The poppet can be recovered and the rite re-worked to accentuate and re-empower the magick over a period if necessary. Use additional lancing pins leaving each in place after each working. Once the healing is complete and success was achieved, remove the pins and dissemble the poppet. Bury the contents outside from the ground.

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