Attraction Rose Oil Jar


This spell is merely to attract someone. Using a jar.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Rose Oil
Three red candles
Large/Medium Jar

Casting Directions for ‘Attraction Rose Oil Jar’

Please note : This charm is merely to attract someone to you, and by any means is not 100 percent guaranteed. Exactly like any spell.

Steps: Place three candles on floor, table, or altar. Light all three with matches/lighter. On paper write allow them to come foward, and I wish to attract someone special towards my entire life. Open the streets, so it shall. Sign your name.

With the increased oil pour into chant and the jar Let my spell be sent out with the scent of roses

Everyday for the next 3 days at precisely the exact same time or around the exact same time chant what you wrote on the paper. Which is I want to attract someone special towards my life, and let them come foward. Open the roads, so it shall.

Make sure the 3 candles you have are lit everytime you chant to empower the jar.

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