Attraction Spell


A spell to assist in someone falling in love with you. Since this spell is “forcing” someone to do/feel a specific way, bad luck is often a massive side effect. Making in love with you can fade and will make the relationship not real. You have been warned.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Picture of the person
Pen/marker – no pencil
Candle, pink, white, purple, or red.

Casting Directions for ‘Attraction Spell’

It is ideal to meditate before hand. You may place love songs or relaxing music to get you. Music has a strong effect over us, and will help aid. Keep this music playing. Place aside the person’s picture. Make sure you visualize what this person looks like obviously. Memories of the person may help aid from the spell. Light your candle(s). Grab a sheet of paper and tear off a corner. You only require a tiny bit of paper. In pen (preferably) or marker, write down the following: Your name Your crushs name fall in love todays date: mm/dd/yyyy OR dd/mm/yyyy Fold the paper into where it’s about exactly the exact same size or smaller than a coin. Either place the paper in the candle. Or, place the paper in the flame set it to allow it to burn. Until the paper is in ashes chant the following:

With all of my hearts desire, Hope yours I do acquire, with energy out of me, with energy from the ground,the sky, the world, the earth, the wind, the fire, the water, the soul, Here I say my desire to be, let this wish come true, so mote it be.

Imagine your energy, while you chant. Direct love you. Imagine the outcome. This spell doesn’t work while the other is a minor if one individual is an adult. Dos and Donts: do NOT go back and repair it If you mess up during a chant. Keep going. Don’t have anybody else in the area. You may do it during the day time or night time. You might put a pentagram on the floor where you cast your spell, if you desire. Please be careful when messing with fire. This isn’t recommended, if you’re a minor. Love spells can backfire, cause bad luck, or even undesirable events. Love spells are a sort of black magick since you are forcing someone do a certain thing or to feel a certain way. Love spells will often not make the connection real because the relationship can fade. Some fade fast, while others last for years. Sometimes love spells can be great sense you learn from them. Make sure you only concentrate on the outcome and the person. Anything else you think about (by way of instance, thinking of awful luck) can result. It is best to charge the spell. This spell is not for beginners because of its energy usage. In fact, the majority of spells with ingredients are for those who practiced magick. Beginners are better with spells with ingredients.

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