Summoning Dog Potion


This potion will be to summon any kind of dog to a spot you wish, but it needs a good deal of ingredients.

You will need the following items for this spell:

5 Dog treats Handful of Dog Kibble A bucket A towel A photo of a puppy breed A candle Match A cup of hot water Rock Marker A little bit of any kind of meat Blue or yellow food coloring

Casting Directions for ‘Summoning Dog Potion’

First, to create the potion. Let’s begin.

1. In the dirt with the mark, draw a circle. Set the dog breed picture. Take the bucket and pour all of the hot water into it. Crush the treats with a rock.
2. Now, crush the kibble with a rock. Mix the crush treats and crushed kibble together.
3. Sprinkle the crushed mix into the hot water and stir. Take the real meat, pull it apart, and insert it in. Also stir.
4. Drop in about 4 or 5 drops of food coloring and stir. This is to draw the dog because canines see the colors blue and yellow better than any other pigment.
5. Stir the potion one last time. Now the potion is finished!

Secondly, Time for the ritual. Get ready!

Say the following 1x:

*Oh, dog (breed in picture here)
I summon to this place.
No matter if you are brown,
Yellow or have dots.
This potion is an offering
(breed in picture here), drink it nicely
For it will help you on your journey
For it will help you dwell.
When this candle starts burning
When it burns out
I dedicate it to you, (breed in picture), with no doubt.
Oh, dog (breed in picture here)
I summon you hear my plea
I summon you to this place, so mote it be! *

Now, take the candle in your hand and light it with the game. Set it down near the breed picture. Now, say this term:

*Fellow (breed in picture here), come to this spot. Drink the potion. Be a dog. *

Third, to search fir your dog.

Each day, look in the spot for a puppy or indications of one. I may take months for the dog for your plea, and even longer to get to your place. This means you should have patience. Just be aware- about 1 out of 30 times when you get your dog, it might not be the breed you asked for. Additionally, this spell (when it does work) works just once.

Fourth, thank you for reading! Your dog will come!

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