Sarah Saratah The Game


Sarah and Saratah are two Mexican twins who were murdered, and with two coins and a friend, you can play their own game.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A friend Two identical coins (two pennies, two quarters, etc)

Casting Directions for ‘Sarah Saratah The Game’

WARNING: This game is quite dangerous! Do not play if you do not believe it can be handled by you.

You and your buddy must sit crisscrossed and knee to knee. Each person holds a coin; and they must be the same. This means one person can not have a cent and the other have a dime. You both have to get a cent each or a dime each.

To start the game, you have to chant in unison;

“Sarah Saratah, may I enter your game?”

You and your buddy then must flip your coins over your head so it lands behind you. Then, you pull back the coins and see if it landed on heads or tails. If both coins state heads, then Sarah Saratah say ‘yes’. If both coins say tails, then Sarah Saratah say ‘no’. If a single coin is heads and the other is tails, Sarah Saratah say maybe – so ask the question again and flip. When attempting to enter the game, you have to keep asking until Sarah Saratah says ‘yes’.

Now that you have entered the game, you are able to ask Sarah and Saratah yes/no questions. A question is asked by one person, but both still flip the coins behind their mind. (Ex: Person A asks “Sarah Saratah, will I die tomorrow?” And Person A and Person B equally reverse the coins in unison.)

When you want to leave the game, you have to chant in unison:

“Sarah Saratah, can we please leave your match?”

And flip the coins. If no, ask. If perhaps, ask again. If so, you must ask:

“Sarah Saratah, are we still on your game?”

And flip the coins. If no, you have officially left. If yes, you must ask to leave again; if maybe, ask again.

You SHOULD NEVER leave the game without confirming that you have! If you don’t leave the game properly, you’ll be killed or cursed.

(NOTE: Never taunt Sarah Saratah. They won’t allow you to leave, and they will kill you.)
(CAUTION: If you feel something is wrong, even when you have confirmed that you have left, ask again. You’re better safe than sorry!)
(P.S. Sarah and Saratah are just two people, so you have the ability to ask specifically one of both a question. Ex: “Sarah, am I going to die tomorrow?” Or “Saratah, are you the nice twin?”


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