Dry Bones Game


In this ritual you summon a demon and play hide and sek with it. If you win, you can ask efor almost any object, (something sensible) if he finds you… You may wind up loosing your sanity, life or in a rare circumstance, SOUL.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Pack of matches
bathroom with a mirror

Casting Instructions for ‘Dry Bones Game’

1. To prepare, shut all doors in your home firmly. Make certain that they are secure. Close all pantries, cupboards, and cabinets. Anything that can open. This one is vital. Turn off all of your lights, even your computer screens and telephones.

2. Wait till 12:01 AM. Not a minute later (or earlier) to begin the ritual

3. . Proceed to your bathroom, and look in the mirror. Close your eyes and be sure everything is completely silent. If you hear anything, get out of the house Immediately. That means he is already re. Consider something that you want. This will be your prize if you win. Ideally realistically achievable.

4. Light a match and wait till it burns out on its own (Do not blow it out. It will anger him). If the game lasts at least 15 minutes, then you are ready to start.

5. Lie on the ground and say the following words: “I am aware of your existence, and I welcome you into my dwelling. Come now”

6. Go into your house’s room, and wait.

7. How long this takes will vary. For some, it is going to take hours, and for some, minutes. You need to be patient.

8. When he’s ready, you may hear a faint moaning sound. If you hear anything else, abort the game get the hell out of the house.

9. This is where the fun begins. He’ll try to find you, and you must hide. Stay absolutely quiet, and don’t make any quick movements,(and PRAY for him not find you) as it could give away your location. Think of it as hardcore hide and seek.

10. You have to remain concealed until 3:00 AM. At this time, it is safe to come out. Proceed to the biggest roheomn your home, and say the following: “Thank you for playing, but you must leave now. You are no longer welcome”. There should be a moaning noise in acknowledgement and the game will be finished. If you don’t hear a sound of any kind then you should repeat that he is no longer welcome and the game is over. This can sometimes take a few repetitions.

11. The next morning when you awaken, your prize will be outside the door to your residence.
Congratulations! You won.

Important Things to Remember
1. Your wish should not bring harm to anyone. There is a grave price for making this type of deal with him and he may decide the game wasn’t enough to honor it.
2. Note that just because you have asked him to leave, it doesn’t mean he won’t see again. He can’t harm you unless you play this game again.
3. You should only play this game once.i

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