Druidic Night Terror


Use this spell to cause psychological and spiritual trauma to annihilate one’s enemies.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Thirteen black candles
A pentagram
Cursing oil
Dark altar

Casting Directions for ‘Druidic Night Terror’

Place one candle in each corner of your altar, one on each side of the altar and one on every corner of the pentagram. Anoint each candle with cursing oil. Then, cast a circle. With all the candles in place, focus your mind on the dreams of the individual that you would like to curse in perfect detail. Replay it over and over again until the dream is totally clear in your head. As soon as you attain a clear connection to your enemys fantasy, see the individual face and the fantasy emanating from their mind. With all that clear now, it’s time to invoke the dark ones… Invocation: invoke deity of dreams and nightmares into your circle such as Incubus- the god of nightmares and fantasy rape and or my personal favorite, The White Lady- Celtic goddess of terror and the underworlds by chanting the following invocation to call forth a dark god: I invoke thee, black god, call thee by name.a Incubus, enter my circle, I call you on this dark hour, to help me in my dark deeds.I invoke thee dark goddess, call thee by name.White Lady, enter my circle, I call you on this dark hour, to aid me in my dark deeds. Now state your intentions with the next incantation:Enchanting deities of the underworld,I call upon thee to help me perform my evil deeds.Come at once, aid this fantasy of terror,Come to bring them rror.Crawl inside their head deep into the night,Bring him/her dream I see so clear; Bring him/her my dream of fright.He/She shall never forget this dream I left, let it stay with him/her till his grave.Now go at once, travel the night,bring (name of person u want to curse) dreams of fright. Meditate: Now sit and meditate. First, visualize and realize the dream traveling into the victim again, and then, clear your mind of negative thoughts. Last instructions: Close the circle and allow the candles to burn out. Last instructions: If you wish for somebody to die from this spell by inducing a stroke or cardiac arrest because of nightmares, cast it seven days in a row.


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