Sahia Sacrifice


This is quite a vicious curse to use, since it leads to the ripping of flesh and the shattering of bones. Sahia shows her deepest rages when this curse is used to release her powers into the mortal world. She will rip her victims to bits and bathe in their warm blood as she rips into quivering flesh. Her claws are sharp and her mouth thirsts for warm blood flavored with deep fear.
Sahia is the most violent demon within this grimoire and she delights in killing those offered freely to her bloodlust. She never thinks before she goes into battle. She dives into action as flesh is rendered into pieces by her claws, teeth and unknowable strength.
Never summon this demon to slay angels or other gods, because she may discover her strength can rend the very gods to bits and she will be lost from the sorcerer. If she discover her true strength, she might continue on her rampage until all is rendered aside and left rotting and forgotten for none are left to note this tragedy.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 wooden altar 1 altar bowl 9 Azahran’s Awakenings 4 white candles 1 small red candle 1 small yellow candle 1 small green candle 1 little blue candle 1 athame 1 Lemurian Seed Crystal 1 pencil 1 stool

Casting Instructions for ‘Sahia Sacrifice’

(1) The altar should face north. Place the altar bowl on the middle of the altar. Set the yellow candle behind the altar bowl. The red candle goes in the front of the altar bowl. Set the blue candle to the left and the green candle on the right side of the altar bowl. Put the other things on the right side of the altar. Place the white candles at the quarters round the ritual circle. Have a stool useful. Now it’s time to step into the circle.
(2) Stand tall and hold the athame high. Visualize the energy of the cosmos striking the athame and going into your body, charging you up. Fill yourself with this energy and hold it inside yourself.
(3) Lower your arm so the athame is pointing straight. Speak the line of incantation and draw in the energy of the element in that way and light the candle on the altar in the exact same direction to the altar bowl. Turn clockwise to the next direction, do the exact same thing until you’re back facing north.
(4) Sit on the stool; close your eyes and just quiet your mind and allow your thoughts to go without paying attention to any one of these. Open your eyes and make the request for protection and once again quiet your mind and let yourself feel the presence of your guides and protectors.
(5) Stand and face the corresponding walls when you call the seals. Hold the athame on your chest with your right hand. The blade should be booted. As soon as you feel their presence, it is time to light the candles around the circle, starting with the north going east, south and west.
(6) Write Sahia on the previous offering and seal it with the wax of the red candle on your altar. Place the Lemurian Seed Crystal inside the altar bowl and burn 7 Azahran’s Awakenings.
(7) To provide the Sahia the orders to destroy your target, use this next incantation.
(8) This part of the ritual requires waiting for the crystal to cool. Invoking Sahia to feed is done by chanting this in public, though your hand is touching or holding the crystal. Yell this in out three times. If this incantation is used with a heart as black as night, no force can release the demon until she chooses to leave.
(9) Use this invocation to create wide spread destruction and so sealing your target’s fate to the anger of Sahia. This demon takes life and cares only of delighting, so this death is likely to be bloody and violent.
(10) When the target dies, you free Sahia after and only after she’s taken the life you seek to destroy. Shatter the crystal once you use this. If the target is not dead after 30 days repeat the spell.
(11) Allow the energy left over return to their resources.
(12) In the reverse manner using the athame, you finally return the energy you have left over and put out the candles in the reverse order in which they had been lit.
(13) Burn the Azahran’s Awakening. Now that the curse is done, you can now leave the magical circle. Wait until the following morning to clean up the materials and put away the tools. Do not burn the last offering till you’re ready to give up the power.

(2) Hear my voice! I call upon the guardians to protect me in radiant white light. From the powers of the elements I shall be safe here.
(3) Earth! I ask for your strength! Wind! I ask for your wisdom! Fire! I ask for your energy! Water! I ask for your tenacity!
(4) I take of this energy and ask that is it blessed to protect me on my trip into the Unseen Realm. I call down the power of my soul and of the gods that are loving and protective of me to protect my ritual floor, because evil will be summoned here. From the will of the gods as well as my personal guardians I request that I be secure for all times.
(5) Earth, Element of the North Wall be sealed. Wind, Element of the East Wall be sealed. Fire, Element of the South Wall be sealed. Water, Element of the West Wall be sealed. Character the binding force of the Elements, see the seals placed here.
(6) It’s midnight, but day beyond the skies, the Celestial Gates shall be opened and power shall be released upon the land! I invoke the Immortal Stars by the power of my name, (your name). The Five Stars; open wide the Celestial Gates and discharge the horde; as flesh clings to bone you to rock.
(7) In Darkness and in Light, I call upon you Sahia Blood Queen of the crystal to destroy (name)’s household by whatever means necessary and perform this at my request. Rip their flesh, shatter their bones and leave only destroys. Bathe in blood and eat them alive, because it is my will be done.
(8) I call upon Darkness, darkness so dark, so deep that it is bottomless, be freed to curse death upon (name)’s family. Be this afternoon cursed by death and the stealing of lives, Sahia shall eat (name) alive and well.
(9) I give (name) to the Pinnacles of Evil. Sacrifice (him/her) before your amazement and your glory, Sahia Blood Queen, what is you, three above Evil. Show (name) I am there in your wrath and tear deep into (his/her) succulent warm flesh and understand that (his/her) blood is hot that you bathe in. Slash, tear, rip and gnaw at this flesh I freely give to you. Feast and enjoy this delightful feast so freely given without mercy. Let my wrath be answered in blood bath.
(11) By the power of my authority I open this circle and discharge the guardians in my command.
(12) Water! I release your power from my circle! Fire! I release your electricity from my circle! Wind! I release your electricity from my circle! Earth! I release your electricity from my circle!
(13) Hail unto Sahia, my curse will be done.

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