Make a Wish Spell


This is a simple spell that you can use as many times as you want to make a powerful wish! Nothing is too big of a desire, provided that you believe!

You will need the following items for this spell:

Paper Pencil A silent bedroom A secret place to put your wishes OR a garbage bin OR access to a window to the outside

Casting Directions for ‘Create a Wish Spell’

Before you begin the spell, decide which method you will be using.

The method that is stash. (Recommended.)

You’ll be storing your paper together with the desire in a small container, like a box or a bag. This container must be stored somewhere safe and can be decorated however you desire. You might want to stick in some jewels, confetti, or ribbons indoors, in addition to a fresh scent if you would like. You need is the best method. This container and the fantasies inside may NOT be found by anyone else or they will NOT work… and people will see what you wrote.

The nature method. (Second-most recommended.)

You’ll be throwing out your paper a window. This works best if you live in the woods or on a high story of a building. Be sure to dont throw it where somebody will find it. If you prefer the element Water, then it could be best to throw it into water, such as an ocean or river.

The trash method. (Not advised.)

If you simply cannot perform the methods above, you might try this method. You’ll be disposing of your paper in the trash. Its easier than the above procedures but not recommended, as you would be treating your wish like trash.

Here are the instructions for the spell:

1. Write your wish (phrased: I wish …) on a piece of paper. Take care to remember precisely what you wrote.
2. Slip the unfolded paper under your pillow and lay down on it for about 5 minutes. Its best to close your eyes and fantasize about what youll do when you get your wish, but you can do whatever you want if you get bored.
3. Take the paper out from under your pillow, fold it 3 times, and touch it to your cheek or kiss it.
4. Dispose of/put away your desire in one of the methods explained previously.
5. Once that is completed, pronounce the word Jaaval four times, then repeat exactly what you wrote on the paper.

Its that easy! Contact me via SoM email if you have any questions, Id love to hear if it worked for you.
Best wishes!

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