Summon Spirits Spell


This spell is to help you summon spirits or to make dead people come back to life.Works if you belief.

You will need the following items for this spell:

4 candles
1 clock
1 beautiful color flower
1 picture of that you want to bring back

Casting Instructions for ‘Summon Spirits Spell’

Sit down on the floor in a room all alone.Put one candle in front of you one on each side of you and put one behind you(don’t need to light them).Set the image of the person you want to bring back into the middle.Take off the pedals of the flower and set them round the picture.Then focus as you say the
Chant:I have grown since then,from the pain left behind from the individual that died by my side,I’ve cried from the experience,I wish to let them return,I wish for them to come back and return by my side,I am spell caster(say your first name),and I wish to give half my electricity on this soul,This is my choice and I want them back,So mote it be.
Stare at the picture and look up above and whisper to yourself:I know you will come back soul I understand it.
Warning:If you did not focus clearly on the spell and you just said it without a thought then you may release evil spirits and bad spirits are ghost mean scary ghost therefore this is a high level spell so be careful or you will be hurt.This spell has rarely been done for just how hard it is only people with high power can do this spell so if you don’t want anything to happen then be cautious and trust that you are a strong spell caster:)

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