Journey and a Fylgja to Satisfy with


This is a short exercise intended for you to journey and meet a power animal, or fylgja. This comes from The Norse Shaman by Evelyn Rysdyk and is not my original work.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Rhythm music Headphones Blindfold or bandanna Journal Pen

Casting Directions for ‘Journey to Satisfy a Fylgja’

Situation yourself in a comfortable location. Place the blindfold or bandanna over your eyes. Next, add cans and have the recording or music ready to play. This recording will help you to broaden your awareness into the travel state more easily. Take a few minutes to breathe deeply and remember something that fills you with gratitude.

As soon as you’ve gotten yourself into this position, allow your memory to take you back to the most magical moment. CHoose a place in which you have felt safe. These are often places in nature we have felt to be sacred. Once in that place in your memory, then allow yourself to reexperience it with all of your senses.

Begin the music. While listening to the rhythmic beat, engage all your senses in being on your special location. Take note of everything you can. What time of day is it? Where is the moon or sun? Is there are breeze or is it? Continue to explore. Get acquainted with the trees, stones, and plants of your power-filled place.

Look for a place where you can enter the Lower World. This can be an animal burror, a hollow tree, or some other opening within the Earth. Enter the opening with the intention of traveling downward towards the Lower World to meet your fylgja. Keep going until you arrive at a landscape that is new.

Continue to repeat your hearts intention on fulfilling the spirit of your power animal. Feel it already accomplished, and while doing so use all of your senses to search for an animal or bird that may be showing itself to you. You will know when you meet a power animal by noticing an animal which may be staying near you, greeting yu, speaking to you, or otherwise attempting to form a connection.

When the drumming is finished, thank the power animal for being with you and retrace your steps back to your starting area. As you retrace your steps, allow your awareness to return to ordinary reality.

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