Invoking Aphrodite


This spell will create feelings of attractiveness and cconfidence. It may or may not be placebo but the effects are wonderful

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 healthy dose of confidence 1 candle (any shape/color, whichever is your “power color”) Bath tub Warm water Epsom salts OR essential oils (vanilla, rose, etc) Rose quartz (or any rock associated with the Goddess)

Casting Instructions for ‘Invoking Aphrodite’

Fill a tub with warm water. Mix in two tbsp of essential oils or about half a cup of Epsom salt. Sea salt will suffice

Light the candle (somewhere safe). Concentrate on the flame. Envision it growing brighter with each breath until the flame has overtaken you.

Climb in the tub and soak for about 20 minutes. Nothing special, just soak in the water and put it over your body. Reflect on what you are about to do.

To begin invoking Aphrodite, you must be in a frame of mind. She is a goddess and should be addressed as such. Sit in the tub, “Indian Style” with your eyes closed. Breath and clear your mind as if you were meditating. In a clear, loud voice say “Aphrodite, goddess of beauty, queen of sexuality, ruler of men’s hearts (you want to flatter her right?) I invoke thee. Hear me!”

Repeat this as many times as you require. Ask her to give you her beauty (be descriptive!) Make your skin as glowing as hers, your lips as tempting as hers, etc.. Pour the water over the body area you talk of.

Continue breathing slowly and deeply. Raise your hands (palms up) and again say “Aphrodite I invoke thee!” Escape the bathtub and blow the candle out.

You’ll know whether it was successful if you envision golden rays coming upon you and you recieve more compliments than usual. Thank the Goddess for her presents and

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