How To Summon Bill Cipher


This spell allows you summon and make a deal with Bill Cipher.

You will need the following items for this spell:

8 Candles A Picture Of Your Enemy A Red Marker

Casting Directions for ‘How To Summon Bill Cipher’

Outside, be relaxed. Set down the candles in a circle. Take the red marker and your enemies image and cross out their eyes. Set in the center of the circle. Sit by the circle. Say these words:

Entangulum. meteforis dominus ventium. Meteforis venetisarium Your eyes will glow blue and the sky shall turn gray. Youre in the mindscape!

Say this now! : Asetnoheptus Asetnoheptus Asetnoheptus Asetnoheptus Asetnoheptus
Now quick! Go inside for ten minutes and you’ll find a star floating towards you! Its small and slow. That’s your Cipher. Ask him your age, if he answers in your head properly, you have a Cipher.
Now To Make A Deal! : Just note you may make a deal once a month, anyways take care when doing so just like humans, he can break his bargains! Anyways inquire Can I/We make a deal? If he replies with yes youre great. List the items you want, (Ex:Protection, Mind Reading, Teleporting) once youve recorded them ask him What would you like from this offer? He will list items he’ll like, if you do not like the first choice ask for another. His main three are sleep ownership, able to read your mind and see your pat, or taking your soul!

Now once youve chosen tell him when itll start and shake his hand.

– If your in a group ask him to send what hes saying to group members
– Don’t be scared he may be upset
– He has feelings and get sad
– He will seldom leave you

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    • Hey can you try it to scare someone? or give someone nightmares? and can you do it by drawing someone’s avatar then cross the eyes out?


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