Animal Protection Collar


A simple method to protect an animal and to have them act well is to plait your collar for it to which you can attach several objects. Try to use natural materials wherever possible. Using the same principle as Mesopotamian cylinder seals you may like to create your own protective device, or you may use an inscribed pet tag, or a little charm bag. Choose the colours of the cords carefully based on the animal’s character or to signify the quality you want the animal to develop; e.g red for a hunting dog, silver for a nocturnal cat or a mix of colours.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Three pieces of cord A small cylinder name tag or a disc A small charm bag about 10cm (3 inches) Small quantity of childs clay Little piece of flint Little piece of coral Little crystal of rose quartz Your burin Pen

Casting Instructions for ‘Animal Protection Collar’

Carefully braid the cord, while calling your preferred deity for protection for your creature, and weaving in the intention for good behavior.

Form a rough cylinder from the childs clay and until it dries out completely, inscribe it with a protective rune, Ogham stave or the name of your preferred deity. Attach it to the collar you’ve woven, or put it in the charm bag.

If you are using the cylinder type of dog label, write the emblem on the back of the paper. Put the flint, the coral and the rose quartz in the charm bag and attach it to the collar.

Place the collar round the animals neck again calling for protection. Obviously if your animal is fully grown you cannot expect a whole change of behavior all of a sudden without additional training. Occasionally an animal needs protection as much from its own behavior as anything else. This spell provides you a starting point and a base from which to work.

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