The midnight game


Perform a Rather dangerous game with a Monster called “the midnight man” and try to survive until 3:33am

You will need the following items for this spell:

A candle Matches Paper Blood (your own!) A wooden front door Salt (very important) A pencil A friend (optional)

Casting Directions for ‘The midnight match’

Write your full name (first, middle, last) on some paper, then put 1 drop of blood on it. ONLY USE YOUR OWN BLOOD! (harmful) light the candle and place the paper in front if the door, putting the lit candle on top. Open the door and blow the candle out, close the door then light it again. Knock the door 22 times and about the last knock it must be 12am. It needs to be 12am or it wont work! The objective is to survive the night until the match finishes at 3:33am. You want to turn off all light and walk around with games, the salt and candle. The aim of the game is to prevent the midnight man at all costs.

Signs if him being near you:

Candle blowing out
Hearing faint whispers
Feeling colder
Seeing a black figure in the darkened

After ANY of these occur IMMEDIATELY relight the candle within 10 seconds, if you dont scatter a circle of salt around you and stay in it until the match ends. Failure or these will cause you to be captured by the midnight guy and he will sent you to sleep with hallucinations of your worst fear till you wake up in the morning. You’ll have bad dreams for at least a month if he finds you…

Main rules:

Never provoke the midnight man, he CAN kill you.
Dont stay in one spot, he WILL find you.
Only use YOUR blood on the paper.
Escape if your candle blows out and relight it.
Dont use ANY weapons since it will provoke the midnight man.
ONLY play if you know you have salt with you
If friends play they do the exact same thing with the newspaper.

Use this ritual at your OWN RISK!!! Can be very dangerous

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