To Bring Nightmares


A spell to bring nightmares to someone.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Thirteen black candles Altar Pentagram Non-purifying oil

Casting Instructions for ‘To Bring Nightmares’

Perform this spell on a moon’s night.

Preparation- thirteen candles. Put 1 candle in each corner of the altar, one each side, and one on each corner of your pentagram. Anoint each candle with a non-purifying oil, working base to tip.

Cast a circle.

Visualization- Imagine the persons dream in perfect detail, replay it over and over in your mind until the dream is completely clear on your head. Once it is visualize your ideas traveling to the individual, see the persons face and the fantasy seeping into their brain.

Invocation- Invoke a dark deity or a deity of dreams and nightmares into your group, (I picked Incubus-the god of nightmares and dream rape, and The White Lady- The Celtic Goddess of Terror and the underworlds,) by stating,

I invoke thee, black god, call thee by name. Incubus, enter my circle, I call you on this dark hour, to aid me in my dark deeds. I invoke thee dark goddess, call thee by name. White Lady, enter my circle, I call you on this dark hour, to aid me in my dark deeds.

Incantation- by saying, Now state your purpose,

Enchanting deities of the underworld, I call upon thee to help me execute my evil deeds. Come at once, aid this dream of dread, come at once to bring them horror. Crawl inside his/her head deep in the night, Bring him/her the fantasy I see so clear, Bring him/her my dream of fright. He/she shall never forget that dream I left, let it remain with him/her until her/his grave. Now go at once, traveling the night, bring (persons name) fantasies of fright.

Meditate- Now sit and meditate. First see the dream traveling to the person again, and then clear your mind of all negative thoughts. Now close the circle and allow the candles to burn themselves out.

Warning- Protect yourself when doing this spell. By calling upon the deities of Darkness you’re putting yourself at risk. After performing this spell it would be smart to perform a cleansing and purifying ritual on your house.

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