Hide and Seek with Chucky


This is a hide and seek game with Chucky the doll.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Stuffed chucky doll Bag of raw rice Needle Crimson thread Sharp machete knife Cup of organic salt Water Black candles Cat skull

Casting Instructions for ‘Hide and Seek with Chucky’

Light the candle and say: Spirit of chucky come I offer you my blood and this cat skull.
Cut open the doll and take out the stuffing. Fill the doll with uncooked rice. (In most Asian cultures, raw rice is believed to attract spirits).
Clip your fingernails and place them inside the ring. (This binds the doll to you).

Sew up the ring with the crimson thread, then tie up the doll with the rest of the thread. (The thread signifies blood and binds the soul to the doll).

Fill the bathtub with water.

Place a cup of salt water inside your hiding place.
Pick a name for your doll. (Naming a spirit makes it more powerful). Name will be chucky
At 3 AM, go to the bathroom, pick up the doll and say three times: (Your Name) is the very first it!
Set the doll in the tub, take the knife with you and move around the house turning off all the lights. Switch on the TV and leave it on a static white noise channel.
Return to your hiding place, close your eyes and count to ten.
Return to the bathroom with the knife in your hand.
Say: I have found you, (Doll’s Name)! And stab the doll with the knife.
Say three times: Now (Doll’s Name) is it! . And set the doll and the knife back in the tub.
Immediately, run back to your hiding place and wait.
At this point, you may hear the pitter patter of small feet. If the doll is shut, you will hear the white noise on the TV change. Besides the sound of footsteps and things being moved around, some people have reported horrible smells, drastic changes in temperature, and the TV suddenly switching off or the volume changing dramatically. Some have reported that the feeling of being touched or pulled.
If at any time, you feel that the doll is going to find you, finish the game.
To finish the game, have a mouthful of salt water. Keep it in your mouth. Don’t swallow it. Escape the hiding place and start looking for the doll. The doll is not necessarily in the restroom. It could be anywhere. Whatever happens, do not spit out the salt water until you find the doll.
When you find it, then pour the remainder of the salt water from the cup over it, then spit the salt water into your mouth over it as well. Say three times: I win! And cut off the crimson thread. This is supposed to free the spirit and end the ritual.
After this be sure you dry the doll, and then burn or discard it later.

Don’t stop this ritual halfway through. You have to do it through to the end.

Do not go beyond the house.

Don’t play this game for two or more hours, or the spirit will become too strong and won’t leave the doll.

You must be alone in the house when you play. You can play with friends, but if there is someone else in the home who’s not playing, they’ll be in mortal danger if the doll finds them instead.

When you’re returning to your hiding place, don’t look behind you.

You have to turn off all lights and keep very quiet while hiding.

Do not leave your hiding place without salt in your mouth. The doll will still be searching for you.

If you are religious, have a sign of protection from your faith into the hiding place with you (eg: a crucifix, rosary beads, a scapular, a Hamsa or a Buddhist amulet or talisman).

This is a really dangerous ritual and we advise you not to attempt it. We will not be responsible for what happens to you in case you try it. If you make an error, you could end up stabbed to death or possessed by an evil spirit.

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