Lonely Hide and Seek


The one-man hide and seek, aka the one-man label, aka hitori-kakurenbo, is a ritual for calling the dead.
The spirits which are wandering restless on the earth are always looking for bodies to possess. In this ritual you summon this kind of soul by offering it a doll instead of a human body.
Warning: If you’ve got psychic abilities you might feel unwell or be prone to accidents during the ritual.

This ritual is NOT MINE, it was originated in Japan, I believe. .

You may need the following items for this spell:

A Stuffed Doll with limbs
Some Rice (sufficient to stuff the doll full)
A Needle and a Crimson Thread
A Sharp-Edged Tool (like a Knife, a Glass Shard, or Scissors)
A Cupful of Salt (natural salt would be best)
A Hiding Place (preferably a room purified by incense and ofuda)

Casting Directions for ‘Lonely Hide and Seek’

1. Take all the cotton (or whatever it is stuffed with) out of the doll, and stuff it rather with rice1.
2. Clip a little bit of your nails and put them inside the ring, and sew the opening up with the crimson thread. When you finish sewing, tie up the ring with the rest of the thread *2.
3. Pour water into a bathtub.
4. Put a cup of salt water within the hiding place.
The Way to Do It:
1. Give a title to the doll (the name could be anything but your own)
2. When it is 3 am, say to the doll “__(your name) is the first it,” three times.
3. Proceed to the bathroom and put the doll to the water-filled bathtub.
4. Switch off all lights in the house, go back to the hiding place and then pat the TV.
5. When you’ve counted ten with your eyes shut, return to the bathroom with the edged tool (a knife, etc) in your hand.
6. When you get there, say to the doll ,”I have found you, __(the doll’s name),” and stab the doll with the edged instrument *3.
7. Say “You’re the following it, __(the doll’s name),” as you put the doll back in its place.
8. As soon as you have put the doll down, run back to the hiding place and hide.
How To Finish It:
1. Pour the cup of salt water into your mouth (do not drink it keep it)*4 and get out of the hiding place and start searching for the doll. The doll isn’t necessarily in the bathroom. Whatever happens don’t spit out the salt water.
2. When you discover the doll, pour the rest of the salt water which is left in the cup, then spray the salt water in your mouth over it also.
3. Say “I win,” three times.
This supposed to end the ritual.
After this be sure you dry the ring, burn off and discard it later.
Please do not stop this ritual halfway. You must do it through to the end.
This is a dangerous ritual and I won’t be responsible for what happens to you if you try.
Other things to Remember:
1-Don’t go out of the house till you’ve completed the finishing ritual.
2-You must turn off all lights.
3-Keep quiet while hiding.
4-You do not need to put the salt water in your mouth all the time. You only have to do it during the finishing ritual.
5-Remember, if you’re living with a person you might place them in danger also.
6-Don’t continue this ritual for more than one or two hours.
7-For security reasons, it may be best to keep all the doors in the house unlocked (including front door) and have some friends close by so that they can come and help you in a moment’s noice, in the event you ever need them. Maintaining a mobile close at hand could be a great idea too.
1 – The rice represents innards and also has the role of attracting spirits.
2 – The red thread represents a blood vessel. It seals the spirit(s) up inside the doll.
3 – By cutting off the ribbon, you break the seal and release the soul(s) you’ve trapped.
4 – If you head from the hiding place without salt water, then you might encounter “something wandering around” in your house which may hurt you in some way. Apparently the way to feel the existence of this “something drifting around” is to watch “what happens to the TV.”

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