Dark Angel


WARNING: This is a really dangerous spell if you don’t recite it correctly. You’ve been warned. Spell transforms a person or group of people into dark angels.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 black candle 1 white candle 5 red candles A match for each person, plus an extra A knife Rose petals Lavender A thorn from a rose growing within 200 meters of a graveyard A grassy area Clean water from an undisturbed body of water 1-4 other people (optional)

Casting Instructions for ‘Dark Angel’

— This spell requires a special mixture ahead of time. —
Five days before casting, cut rose petals along the center from the near-bottom up. Place them in the water. Add the lavender and thorn, then concentrate with your eyes shut and pick up dark energy around you. Concentrate it in the water. Leave the bowl in a cool, dark location, stirring for 5 minutes every hour or two. It will be ready in 3 days. Concentrate more energy twice per day.

Collect your group in the grassy area at night. . If you are doing this independently, edit the chant to be singular. They need to be willing and thinking.

Pick out the match and light the black candle. With the same match, light the white candle, then the red ones. Find dark thoughts and concentrate them into the black candle. Now, burn some extra lavender on the black and white candles. Sit in a circle round the candles. Tell the group to imagine the darkness filling them and their wings growing. Tell them to draw dark energy by focusing on the thought of darkness. Chant at the same time you do the same, “Celestial beings, Angels, I call to your blessing. Harnessing darkness we will not use it for evil. Power should not be abused.” Now, all 1-5 matches you’ve must be lit. Hold the game close to a red candle and draw power through the flames to cultivate your wings. Everyone else has to do the same. If your match goes out, take in the remaining energy from the flame. Sprinkle the special water over your candle to extinguish it, then chant twice “We plead to you to utilize the darkness since there must be darkness to love light. Our guiding wings will enable us to spread teachings of great fortune.” Take the knife and carve your name into the candle. Pass it counterclockwise around the circle for the other people to carve their names into their candles. Use the water to extinguish the black and white candles. Take your candle home, and have everyone else do the same with theirs. Give everyone some of the water. Every person involved must drink a little drop of water each Sunday for six weeks. Remaining water will be poured where the ritual was done on the night of the last Sunday.

– If anyone younger than 13 does this spell, they will either go inane or die.
– If you do any transformation spells or anything like yourself after being part of this spell during the 6 weeks, it will curse you with being unable to cast angel-related spells. Use at own risk!
– There is no turning back.
– If you’re a part of this, you have to believe or it will never work on you , ever!
– No more than 5 people (incluing caster) may join the spell. Candle number can’t be changed.
– The water is potent for 5 days after completion.
– If spell fails for any reason, you can not retry for 6 weeks.

Side Effects: Don’t know yet!

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