Dark Curse


To curse someone who has tried to torment you.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 Effigy to represent your enemy (rather a wax figure or doll). A knife of some sort to stab effigy with. Bowl of black water(water and black food-color).

Casting Instructions for ‘Dark Curse’

First prepare to cast your spell by what ever it is you do before casting a spell: Meditating, clearing intent, raising energy, etc.. Also have your stabbing utensil/s, effigy and water at an arm’s reach.

Put the effigy in-front of you while thinking of how the person you’re going to curse has made you feel.

Then, state the following with meaning, feeling, and purpose:

Darkness falls unto thee,
strikes you down and cripples thee.
All of the pain that you have caused,
rains on thee like holocaust.
Darkest hour on you befalls,
Pain and discomfort in you crawls.

Now, take the instrument you have chosen and dip its pointed end into the water and say:

Poison water,vile, unclean,
more than the blood of my enemy,
Here you serve well under me,
Taint this knife effectively.

After, take the knife and stab the effigy while shouting:

I curse you for __(list reason)__ !
I curse you for __(listing other reason)__!
I curse you for __ (list another motive)__!

Continue till you are so exhausted you can barely go on then cease.

Finally, say the following:

Your days of torment are all long gone,
And now your presence has withdrawn.

The curse was cast, the curse was put
I now know peace once more.
Darkness I thank you for this gain.
And therefore it is…

Now just clean up and maybe have a shower to cleanse yourself. Don’t worry about it and go about your daily life.

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