Curse Reversal


Spell to reverse curse without hurting anyone You have cast.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Object of offering

Casting Instructions for ‘Curse Reversal’

Spell to undo a curse you’ve cast.

You shall require an offering of some type, a cake, a fruit, pearl anything that looks respectful and good for making up for evil You’ve done .

For those who have tools or supplies You used to cast a curse go to the crossroads and take them with you. Take some salt . When reached the crossroad request Your supreme Power ( In my case it is Lord, but You can Invoke Wicca Goddess or any Ruler of the Pantheon You integrate on Your clinic). When I get into the Crossroads I ask (via means of little personal petition )pa Legba to assist me, and to remove any obstacles for me, Saint Anthony could also be invoked for this functions, normally you don’t really need to do this If not agreeable with Your path.

Then dig a little hole on the centre of crossroad or as close to it as possible and ass small layer of the salt in the bottom , set the objects You used to cast a curse ( if it was a jar spell, poue the material in the pit and then add the jar, If it was a seal or parchment written curse, or doll burn it and place the ashes in hole, or simply bury it est. be creative I do not need to draw everything for Ya do I lol ) from the pit, sprinkle with salt then simply cover with Earth. In the event you bothered the grass with the grinding procedure ensure you leave some off ering (bud remains a plant , some honey or bread shell do ). Say in soothing voice :

What I’ve done has to be undone Reverse it with harm to none, Release all Spirits that assisted my curse being done And once again, make them hurt none. For what I did I repent, Let my curse for blessings exchange And this tribute may spirits take respectively With harm to none one more , I ask humbly !
Leave and supplying on a place you buried items .

NOTE: If you’ve tricked ( jinxed , cursed ) a person via methods of more direct ( Not sympathetic magick ) write on a sheet of paper what you done, clarify it and If You recall write the words you used . Remember for this spell to work You will require respect and care to make things better, to feel guilt.

After this kind of spell you should take a purifying bath .


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