Cure for HIV/AIDS


This method will cure someone or you .

You will need the following items for this spell:

White candle
Handfull of salt
A healing oil
Bath and shower
Warm water to your bath

Casting Directions for ‘Cure for HIV/AIDS’

This spell isn’t so tricky to perform.

First, at your tub lite the candle. Then fill your tub with very warm water, as much as possible. The water must cover you when you’rein the bath. While the water is flowing into your bath, sprinkle the salt into the tub, with some drops of this healing oil. When the bath is ready, step into the tub. Relax. Feel the warm water and the salt its effect on your body. Its relaxing.

Imagine black worms (the virus), bigand/or little ones, going from inside (the enire body, also everywhere within) moving outside of your body, this through your entirebody, even your head. For your head, fill your lungs with oxygene, and go under the water, doing this farther. When you are done you’ll see the illness everywhere in the water, itsHIV/AIDS laden water. It gives a dark water impression. Dont drink the water.

When you’re finished, pull the plug and allow the water drain out. When It’s draining out, chant this:

The illness is flowing out of me, in the water, down to the sea.

When the water is completely drained, stand up and leave the tub. Immediately take a shower (its fresh water) to remove the last vestiges of this disease of the HIV/AIDS laden water. After this, snuff out the candle.

Yo must do this spell 4 times to be absolutely sure the virus is gone, for 4 days. You could check with a pendulum to be certain. Eat solid, strongfoods, before you do it the first time. Your bodyneeds to be strengthened as much as possible, because when you complete the ritual the first time, you may feel verry weak for about 10 minutes, but youll get over it. Its your body adjusting.

With this charm, I wish you its success.

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