Bless a Spirit


This spell will bless someones spirit if cast right.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Holy water
2 crosses

Casting Directions for ‘Bless a Spirit’

Have the persone you’re going to bless take their shirt off. If its a girl have her take her bra off(Have another women do this spell if you are blessing a women. Or have the man swear not to touch her inapropritly and swear on secrecy.) Have liedown on a bed or sofa. Have them close their eyes and breath in through their nose and out throughtheir mouth. Prepair the sacred water on a alter if you like.Pour some water in a container and place a cross in the middle of the container under the water. Now say the incantation:

God is my faith, god is my light. His city is my heaven, his town is my might. May he bless this water and change wrong to right.

Now go back to your friend with the water(on the alter) and place it on the table. Put the second cross wear the ribs part. Now dip your right index finger into the water, then put it upon her head. Draw a circle with the water. Chant while doing this:

May god protect your mind.

Now dip the same finger to the water when you are done and then put it upon your buddies heart, now produce the cross shap again. Chant:

May go protect your heart,

As the cross is drawn by you. Now dip your hands into the water then set them upon his/her shoulders.

Now chant:

Gulia waise medh ono, atra du evainya ono varda. God bless your soul. The soul is now blessed.

Prounotion and Tranlation for final chant:

Gooleea ways med ono, atra du evan in ya ono varda. Luck be with you, may the stars watch over you.

Hope you enjoy doing the spell. If there are any problems, message me.

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