Contact a Spirit


Speak to a soul using enchanted pencils.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Any 6 pens(Preferably unsharpened.)
Two people
Experience and Belief with Magic

Casting Instructions for ‘Contact a Spirit’

You get 6 pencils, rather unsharpened, (thoughI have sharp ones,I dont advocate since they may hurt your hands.) They are rolled by and in your hands. Then, them roll out on the floor into a row. Next, you rub your hands together and wave them over the pencils (Do this twice) Now the pens are enchanted.

To communicate with a spirit, place wither the eraser or the unsharpened end in a rectangle formation with one person holding both corners on the right and the left sides. (View my pictures). Ask Is there a soul in our existence? Then it means yes and if the center rises. Sometimes they prefer to say for that, but that also means yes. Then ask away! You can tell the difference between a soul pulling on them, because every time a spirit does it it can be hard to push the opposite way, and feels magnetic and your subconsious yanking on them. Legend: Center rises= YES Center drops= NO Center crosses, looks like an hourglass= MAYBE Center expands into a hexagon= I DONT KNOW MALE/FEMALE QUESTION= An arrow pointing right to the ASKER= MALE An arrow pointing left to the ASKER= FEMALE A soul can also point to certain things ie. = Where is the woman in the yellow coat (Center points to woman in yellow coat) Where are you standing? (Points to where soul is.) Summoning A Spirit: Duplicate this:

I summon the spirit of (First Last name), (What the person was to you or a friend/family member).

Nothing will happen.

Ask Is(First name Last name) in our existence?

Then normal questions

If it starts to not make sense, repeat the enchantment. Have fun!

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