Fairy Spell


You will turn into a real life fairy! You have to believe and be patient!

You will need the following items for this spell:

An outfit (when you’ll transform into a fairy, You’ll Have your chosen outfit)
4 thing that will represent the four powers you want (ex. stones, leaves, candle, etc)
A piece of jewelry (it can be your favorite)
Superior imagination

Casting Instructions for ‘Fairy Spell’

First put on the outfit you would like to be in. Put on the piece of jewelry. *Note: You must have a piece of jewelry on to change*. Set of your powers in front of you. Place over one the things and close your eyes, imagine that power being used by yourself, then move on to another one, do the same thing as before until youre done. Then you can open your eyes and this spell 4 times:

Gods and Goddesses, hear my plea. I want to be a fairy! With my wings of a (kind of wings). They will be (size of wings) and the colours of (colour) and (colour) are my colors I wish to have. I want to have the powers of (powers) and three special powers of (special powers). My summoning word for wings are: (summoning words) my wings will show up on my back. When I say (disappearing words), my wings will be absent. Gods and Goddesses, hear my plea, I wish to be a fairy!

Place your hands over the power symbols. Close your eyes and imagine yourself using your own powers and flying with your wings. Open your eyes and eliminate the symbols. You want to wait until powers and your wings appear!

Side Effects: -Tingling back -Wanting to be outside -Wanting to be close to your powers (ex. If you chose ground, youll like being near trees and ground, etc)

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  1. Please like my comment if real or worked for you guys I’m super exited but if it works I will see you my fairy friends!


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