Bless an Object


I used this in my pockets. It is possible to use it on a necklace or any item you want. If you emphasise something with this particular spell it will increase your magic power when you use the item in spells.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Full Moon
Night Time
Clear Mind (Might want to meditate if you’ve had a busy afternoon)
Clear Voice (does not need to be loud but don’t whisper)
Your patron God/Goddess
1 White Candle
5 Stones which represent the color of the components (green/brown-earth, grey/yellow-air, red-fire, blue-water, clear-spirit)
Your blessing (obviously)
Something to write with

Casting Directions for ‘Bless an Object’

Make sure its a full moon, and this must be done at night but before 12:00. Draw a fantastic size pentagram on the paper (large enuf to fit what your blessing in the center). Place it in front of your alter. Put the stones on each of the points of the pentagram (remember soul is always at the top), light the candle and set it in the center of your alter. Now put what your blessing in the middle of the pentagram. After youve done that hover your hands over the top of what your blessing and chant:

Oh mother (or father) *name of patron god/goddess*, please bless this *whatever* with the power within me, therefore it may help me in my magical workings! this is my will so mote it be!

Chant that 7 times. Imagine energy flowing from your hands and to that thing. Now set under the moon for one full night. Thats it your, and blow out the candle done. You can pick your item up the following morning and it needs to be blessed. Please rate this charm. It functions Ive used it on my and some other things.

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