Amethyst Cure


A spell to send healing energies to a sick or injured loved one.

You may need the following items for this spell:

1 purple candle
1 fireproof dish or surface
5 pieces of amethyst
1 bud from a vine of jumps
1 rose petal (or marijuana)
1 cinnamon stick
1 sage leaf
1 bay leaf
1 bud of a snapdragon
Any other healing herbs
1 incense stick
Mortar and Pestle

Casting Directions for ‘Amethyst Cure’

*Ingredients Note You dont want all the herbs, use what you have available. Just make sure the herbs you use have healing properties.The stick of incense should correspond with the zodiac sun sign of the person you want to heal.
Aquarius – Violet
Pisces – Amber
Aries – Musk
Taurus – Patchouli
Gemini – Vetiver
Cancer – Sandalwood
Leo – Rose
Virgo – Frankincense
Libra – Orange Blossom
Scorpio – Cinnamon
Sagittarius – Clove
Capricorn – Mirrh
Put all the herbs into your own mortar, pulverize them until evenly blended. You may choose to add the incense to the mixture, or burn it individually later on. Organize the 5 pieces of amethyst into a pentagram, one at every point. Put the fireproof dish or surface in the center. Light the candle and place it over the pentagram. If you dont have a fireproof dish, then place the candle in the center. Set the mix you created earlier into the fireproof dish and light it. If it simply smolders, this is fine. You want it to smoke, because the smoke is what carries your intent. If you lack a fireproof dish, pour the mixture onto the candle. Try not to extinguish the fire, you want the mixture to burn. If you havent lit the incense yet, do so today. Since the smoke is rising, visualize healing energy moving into the affected loved one and curing them. You may choose to recite a chant or rhyme tailored for your specific needs. Proceed you spirits of longevity Proceed all you healing deities My lover is sick And refuses all pills So please send him plentiful energy Proceed now Aid in his recovery His body is sick And needs careful mending He’ll go to bed ill But awake with fresh will Cured from his cold Revived, healthy, and bold Cured from his chilly Revived, healthful, and daring

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