A dracowolf is, put simply, a werewolf that’s part dragon. The moon cycles effect the transformations but not control them.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Complete or new moon Anywhere you need Night or day Paper Pen or pencil Coloring thing like crayons or colored pencils Voice

Casting Instructions for ‘Dracowolf’

The waxing moon is werewolf transformation will, and th waning moon is dragon transformation at will. Day or night. Ona new or full moon, you can become half wolf, half dragon. Your dragon form will not breathe fire and you will not go mindless.

**If you cannot handle pain this is not for you. **
So you dont need to be outside, or even see the moon! Night or day doesnt matter.
Get the paper and fold it. In each section, draw a form. First, draw your dracowolf form, then dragon, then wolf. Color them in with all the colours you want. Scale or fur colour can be anything, not just your own hair color.

Your dracowolf form can be appearing mostly wolf or mostly dragon. Whatever you want is fine, every dracowolf is unique.
Make lines on the creases, and then dismiss these three. Fold it half in hamburger style once, and compose your information about the forms. Be Sure to include all the following:
Your name, first middle and last names.
The element you wish to be connected to (earth, fire, wind, or water)
Eye colour for all forms
Fur color
Scale color
Wingspan in dragon and dracowolf form
Tail length in wolf form
Tail length in dragon form
Tail length in dracowolf form
Horn length(if you chose horns on dragon/dracowolf)
Wolf body length(with tail and head)
Dracowolf body length
Dragon body length
Height on each form (top of head) (this can cause you to kinda like a twilight wolf! Ya know the massive size?)
When youve written all that down, fold hamburger way again and write and say that this spell:
Spirits of (element) and spirits of the moon, please make me a dracowolf, and take action soon. From this paper into my own body, please take the information and images into real life. So mote it be.
Fold hamburger style, and then another way. Keep this with you from a week to a month.
To shift, you have to really want to shift, and it’ll happen if you dwell on it hard enough. Good luck!

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