Dragon Spirit Summoning


This will summon an astral dragon into the physical world by egg. You must believe it will work 100% or you will not receive your egg. (Not fluffy, and I am serious.)

You will need the following items for this spell:

Paper Pencil Pen Crayons/Colored Pencils Belief Imagination

Casting Directions for ‘Dragon Spirit Summoning’

1. Draw your dragon. Color it according to its two components or just colour it and find out its elements later. Draw yourself next to the dragon. Color yourself in (optional).

2. Fold hamburger style and compose its info. Fold hamburger style again.

3. Write and say at the same time:

A (major element) dragon is my appetite. Gods and goddesses, grant the dragon soul of my fantasies by egg of (major element) and (minor element). That is my wish. So Mote It Be. (So mote it be should be written as large as possible.)

4. Fold hamburger style and draw a pentagram. When the pentagram is drawn, fold once again.

5. Tonight and the following two nights, chant what you wrote in step 3.

For part of its info, you will need a breed for your dragon. The breed depends on its major and minor components. Message me with your dragon’s two components and I will tell you your dragon’s breed. I’ll be naming all dragon strains for my own spell.

Types of eggs and how to identify them:
Water sitting in the pool (if you have one)/blue egg
Earth=rock egg
Fire= flaming egg/ red egg
Air/Wind= possibly invisible and strong wind comes/ white egg
Snow= comes in winter time/white-blue coloring
Metal= metal egg
Silver= silver egg
Copper= copper egg
Nature= green egg
Shadow/dark= black egg
Ghost= phasing egg
Lightning= sparks of lightning strike/yellow egg

You can have more than 1 dragon so that you can do the spell more than once and have it work. I’m going to try creating a Forest dragon, which will be mixed between Nature (major) and Earth (minor).

Message me with any questions you might have.

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