Spirit Summoning


Summoning spirits can be. Don’t forget to protect yourself however you can from negative energy if anything were to go wrong.

You will need the following items for this spell:


Casting Directions for ‘Spirit Summoning’

If you wish to summon a specific soul you probably should call it by name and welcome it into your household. If you would like to summon any spirit then you must be a bit more careful. I’d suggest you never provoke a bad spirit on purpose, you could potentially be postponed.
To start the best thing to do is to sit in a dark room. Candles can be used if you desire.

If the spirit that you’re likely to summon has a title, then call it’s name and invite it to come before you. I find that using a scrying mirror is very beneficial for this spell, peering into the darkness will also work well though. If you wish you may also use words to invoke the spirit as you will find this might be very helpful. Say something to the effect of, Oh soul, name if you will, come before me, manifest yourself from the darkness. Spirit don’t fear me, show me in a form which my eyes can perceive, I invite you to stay with me.

If you have candles lit you might notice them flicker or go out. If you are sitting in complete darkness you may see strange shapes or colours swirling around you. A strange presence might be felt within the room you are in. Do not rely on this working for the very first time. A whole lot of practice is involved. I am still a beginner myself and still have a lot to learn as well. Just remember to close your spell officially and dismiss the soul politely.

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